Is There A Public Garbage Disposal System in India

According to the research conducted by an official team from Govt has revealed that wastage causes almost 9% of the illness in India. There are other facts which the team has not informed, and the percentage is above 9%. The government does not want you to know about the actual rate because the government isn’t ready.

Despite many efforts to clean the towns and cities, the garbage is increasing, and the waste is formed to create more mess than before. Every year the world health organization has said that human wastage is growing and the solution is still unknown. Many steps are taken in the past, but none of the are capable.

The cleaning of the city which is effective is “Swach Bharath Abhyaan – Modi government,” I won’t say that people are not working in the process of cleaning, but the change is not happening so far.

So let’s get straight to the subject of “Disposer,” average Indian has no idea what a disposer stands for, and we will cover that part later on. The concept is still unknown because the regularly the garbage is disposed of the unnaturally way by the Government move called GHMC.

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Is There A Public Garbage Disposal System in India?

Over a decade ago Chennai has a service called Disposer, which no longer exist now. There are many aspects you need to learn about how exactly the GHMC works.

How Does The Garbage Disposal Work

First of all, the people do not get to dispose of their trash, and the concept is still unknown to many middle-class families, so you cannot expect them to be aware of it.

  • Every colony or street has their big tanks containers, open in specific locations.
  • You have to carry your trash to the garbage containers.
  • Every day the tanks are cleaned by the GHMC so that the people can throw new trash the very next day.

There are few disadvantages that come along with the garbage tanks.

  • People throw the trash outside of the reservoir (Either because the reservoir is full or on purpose.)
  • Almost 60% of the times, GHMC vehicles do not make it to the corner of the colonies.
  • The garbage reservoirs are always open in the air, which causes foul smell and attracts all harmful insects to the nest.

Garbage Disposal System

The citizens are not following rules and throwing plastic covers in open air, which is causing many diseases. On the top of that, the people do not know the differences between the Wet and Dry wastage, which is very important in the generation.

The Government is planning to take action and bring awareness but the chances are least because the Indians know that Government is moving slowly, probably because of the authorities are also not following the rules to pick up the trash.

Second Major Issue

Not many people are aware of the situation that “Where does the trash goes?”.

  • It is important for the citizens to know that the trash is burned openly, which cause a combination of air pollution.
  • There are people who pick up the plastic or dry materials from the trash to sell them for recycling. It has now become more difficult to fight against cheap plastic.
  • The garbage which has burned contains harmful & chemical processed solution which are deadly.
  • Sometimes the GHMC releases the garbage into the river, which is always open and causes many health disease.


There are thousands of problemcs that can be solved just by proper care and buying garbage disposal systems for home. The government may not hear your voice but we do, so make sure to comment beloew to give your best suggestion for the country.